Business Models

Any application situation is different, as well as the business context you're in and your specific needs. This is why we offer the SAMAwing technology in different business models: from Turn-Key Solutions to Licensing.

Choose the right solution for you:


The Turn-Key Solution | No worries, quality ensured.


SAMAwing Solution for Self Assembly | We provide data and parts, you assemble yourself.


Calculation & Engineering | With our CFD- and manufacturing-data you construct your own SAMAwing.


Licensing | Benefit from the SAMAwing-technology based on your own resources.



Please, get in touch with us so we can figure out, which is the best option for you.



If you are a power plant operator and want to increase the efficiency of your cooling towers without worries, this is the option for you.  

We will take care for the entire project management including engineering, manufacturing, installation and documentation. 

The SAMAwing system will be optimised to the dimensions of your tower and the specific weather conditions.





In this case, you only purchase the material and do the assembly completely on your own.

This solution is thought for power plant operators and power plant building companies, where the facilities for the work on-site are available in-house.

Based on the specific information of the cooling tower, we will recommend you, how to increase the performance of your plant.



Taking into account the real data of your tower and the individual situation, we do the CFD-calculation for the most suitable SAMAwing equipment for you. Moreover we will provide you with the necessary data for installation/construction for your project.  

In this case, you will be able to produce the necessary parts by yourself. This option is suitable for power plant building companies with own manufacturing facilities.



If you are in the position of doing all the calculations and the manufacturing yourself, we provide you with a license so you can use the patented technology on your own.

This solution is also directed towards power plant operators and builder.

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