Avoid cross wind performance losses 

One crucial factor to make your cooling tower work most efficiently is to avoid turbulences. Cross winds on the tower top can cause severe performance losses for the entire plant - on dry cooling towers this can go up to 30 percent!                                                                                                                                

The SAMAwing technology avoids this!

Comparable to the logic of aircraft winglets, the system SAMAwing avoids turbulences and the intrusion of cold air at the top of the cooling tower. Explore the technology and configure your individual solution with us!

The SAMAwing Technology

SAMAwing uses the VENTURI effect  to avoid the vortex at the top of a chimney tower. 

Individually calculated and designed, the system can improve the performance of the cooling tower by up to 30%!


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Any application situation is different, as well as the business context you're in and your specific needs.

This is why we offer the SAMAwing technology in different business models, from Turn-Key solutions to Licensing.


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SAMAwing is a German - Iranian cooperation and held by  SalesEnergyinternational.

The team has been awarded for its Business Plan and in the first Energy Startup competition in Bavaria.


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The SAMAwing Technology

The problem of performance losses due to cross winds has been known for a long time with no feasible remedy. The SAMAwing technology now offers a solution for natural draft cooling towers by redirecting the crosswind itself. 


The patent protected SAMAwing solution is easy to realize and is applicable to new plants as well as for retrofit. The most striking effect is seen with the "dry type" cooling towers, because these are more effected from cross winds.

The Technology allows for significant performance increases of your Cooling Towers  - and hence for your Power Plant! 

Cooling Tower under cross wind condition



When cross winds hit the tower top of a cooling tower or chimney, it has a number of negative consequences:


  • the effective cross section of the air outlet is blocked from a vortex
  • the cooling tower performance decreases by up to 30% 
Same Cooling Tower equipped with SAMAwing



  • the crosswind, which hits the body of the cooling tower is deflected and redirected to the top
  • the air upstream blocks the crosswind against the tower - no vortex will be built
  • the warm air can now use the complete cross section
  • the temperature difference between bottom and top of the tower remains



SAMAwing uses a numeric simulation based on ANSYS in cooperation with our partner University.


Each tower will be calculated separately with its specific dimensions and weather parameters.

The SAMAwing design is optimized and will be adapted for optimal effect.

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